At Vest, we believe that the future of finance lies not in enhancing the existing structure but in completely overhauling it, removing the need for trust through immutable systems that ensure a more secure, efficient, and inclusive financial world for everyone.

This is what we believe to be the true potential of DeFi, and our mission - reinventing finance to be trustless and transparent.

Vest is a financial ecosystem for digital assets where individuals can transact, borrow, and trade in a single, unified space, devoid of the need for trust or manual operation. The end vision is to synergize the current disparate state of DeFi and create a new standard of financial systems in the way humans transact.

Vest’s first product, Vest Exchange, is a fully trustless and autonomous decentralized perpetual futures exchange designed for secure and capital efficient trading. It uses a unified risk engine that maximizes capital efficiency by pricing assets via risk-indifference pricing. To prove correct computation of the risk engine, Vest Exchanges leverages zkSNARK and posts the risk measure on chain, which can be accessed and verified by anyone.

The risk engine utilized in Vest Exchange is the foundation for a trustless ecosystem that can be used by the community to launch their own composable products while tapping into the deep liquidity of Vest. This enables users to freely integrate and synergize their portfolio across various products. For example, a user can use their long position from Vest Exchange as collateral for a loan from a lending protocol built on Vest.

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A robust, highly capital-efficient perps DEX. Built by Vest Labs.


A robust, highly capital-efficient perps DEX.